An Italian Inspired Backyard Wedding

AJ and Tori originally were scheduled to get married on the beautiful coast of Italy. But all spun the plan when they found a little miracle bundle had been created.

So, the new plan was to now bring Italy to the backyard where their love story started.

AJ and Tori are by far probably one of the most genuine couples I have ever worked with.

In their wedding video so much love and adoration was portrayed in all aspects of their relationship.

Through out the day Tori began to get excited as her anticipation grew to a whole new level. As she walked down the aisle all she was able to do was giggle!! She was beaming ear to ear.

After the ceremony, they decided they were going to do a gender reveal for those who were in attendance. This day has been long awaited and now they had a little blessing on the way to commemorate their love.

To watch the full video clicked the link….

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